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Green Park Investment Partners

We invest in small and medium sized companies in the Benelux since 2010. We seek out inspirational entrepreneurs or management teams, and when we invest, we fully commit ourselves.


We invest in attractive sectors where we - directly or through our investors, consultants or extensive network - have sufficient experience to create value and support further growth. Above all, there must be a good personal fit with the entrepreneur or management team, and a shared vision of the company’s future.

Buyouts & growth financing

We focus on companies with a clear business model that have already passed the start-up phase. They are profitable, generate cash and have a clear growth strategy.

€500k - 5M EBITDA

SME segment of companies with preference for majority shareholdings. We like to work with entrepreneurs and are willing to take a minority participation in such cases, if need be.

Generalist with a focus on digitization and HR

We invest in SMEs from different sectors, but have a soft spot for companies that provide digital or HR services.


Companies with their headquarters in Belgium or the Netherlands, with or without international operations.

Every investment is assessed on its individual merit. No two entrepreneurs or companies are the same, and our flexible structure and entrepreneurial philosophy give us room to deviate from the above-stated criteria. Consequently, we will also consider companies in the process of full expansion or consolidation with a clear strategy, as well as significant minority interests.

Our participations

Here’s a brief overview of our current and realised investments below.

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How we work

Green Park wants to be more than just an investor. We are a pragmatic partner that delivers focus, vision and results. Sure, we provide capital, but what is often more important is our availability at the times you need us and our ability to inject a strong dose of positive energy into your project. We do not pretend to know more about your business or sector. Certainly not, but we are there to support you. 24/7 if necessary.

About us

We’ve seen it all. We know how exciting it can be, to discover new opportunities or be on the verge of change. The electricity in the air. The adrenaline. The sustained hard work. The stress when everything does not go according to plan. Highs and lows. Relationships put to the test. Relationships that fall apart. Perseverance in difficult economic times. Challenges. Solutions. Breakthroughs. The taste of success.

Jan Froyman


Jan studied Applied Economics at the University of Ghent and obtained a Master’s in Financial Management from Vlerick Business School. He started his career in Investment Banking (M&A) at Morgan Stanley in London and then started working as an associate with IK Investment Partners, a European private equity, fund where he focused on mid-cap buyouts in the Benelux.

Wim Vernaeve


Wim obtained a Master’s in Aerospace Engineering from Delft University of Technology and, for his dissertation, worked on a dispersed manufacturing project in collaboration with Jiao Tong University in Shanghai. He started his career in Investment Banking at Morgan Stanley in London and then founded the Internet start-up Bragster. Intel Capital invested in 2007 and the social network was taken over by Guinness World Records in 2010. Afterwards, he managed several other start-ups, including Showpad.

Gijs Marbus


Gijs obtained his Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering and Master’s in Offshore Engineering at the Delft University of Technology. He began his career in London with the Benelux M&A team at Goldman Sachs. From 2008, he worked with Jan at IK Investment Partners, a European private equity fund, where he focused on the Benelux mid-cap. In 2014, he returned to the Netherlands as CFO of Ampelmann, the global market leader in access solutions for the offshore industry.

Gideon Cramwinckel


Gideon obtained a Bachelors in Astronomy and Physics and a Master in Mathematics from the Utrecht University. His started his career at McKinsey&Co, focussing mostly on financial sector and private equity clients. He furthermore worked for, the leading Benelux ecommerce player, as business developer launching propositions for their 3rd party platform. After his second stint at McKinsey he joined bloomon, a flower subscription scale-up, where he was responsible for customers, including revenues and NPS.

Thomas Van Roy

Investment Associate

After obtaining Masters in International Corporate and Financial Law from both the universities of Brussels and Leeds and a Specialized Master in International Business at ESSEC Business School, Thomas commenced his career at the Corporate Finance department of BDO Belgium. He gained extensive experience in financial modelling and M&A assignments in a wide variety of sectors. Thomas also co-founded Jureca in 2017, which has since become the leading digital legal marketplace in Belgium.

Inge Dalle

Group Controller

Inge studied Business Management specialising in Accountancy-Taxation at Mercator Hogeschool in Ghent and received the Albert Sinia prize in HoGent. During her career she also obtained degrees in Taxation and Expertise (judicial expert). She began her career in an accountancy firm and then joined Baker Tilly Belgium where she worked as an auditor from 2007 to 2015.

Cameron Rijnsburger

Investment Associate

Cameron studied Finance at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam and obtained his Master’s in Quantitative Finance from the University of Amsterdam. He started his career in M&A at PhiDelphi Corporate Finance, where he gained experience in M&A sell-side project and gained experience with financial modeling.

Rob Steenacker

Investment Analyst

Rob obtained his Master’s Business Engineer focused on Supply chain management at the Ghent University. Afterwards he started his career within the European Quick-Service-Market (QSR) with roles as senior business analyst, head of FP&A and managing director for chains Burger King and Nordsee. He fulfilled these international roles in several European countries like Poland, Germany and Austria.

Managers wanted

We are always looking for enterprising, experienced managers who want to take on the challenge to lead their own company. As a manager, you will be given the opportunity to participate substantially and thus reap the benefits of your value creation. Green Park will provide you with the necessary financial and operational support to bring your growth plans to fruition. Contact us to set up a preliminary interview.

Enterpreneurial realism

We look for entrepreneurs-managers who are aware of the challenges faced by the company and don’t try to minimise them. Managers who know what they are good at and seek complementary partners who can help them to face those challenges. The kind of self-awareness and realism that comes from years of experience and lessons learnt from past mistakes.

Fair incentives

As investors, we expect that the financial resources we invest will be used to realise the company’s potential. We believe that management should set an example to employees by rewarding themselves competitively and should strive to maximise shareholder value.

Dynamic enthusiasm

Enthusiasm is a must in every undertaking. Managers must display sufficient energy and conviction day in and day out to get the company through the ups and downs that are inevitably a part of developing a business. They must also be able to integrate this enthusiasm into the corporate culture and communicate with their employees, customers and suppliers.

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